What Is 911Snapshot?

Wearing a medical alert bracelet, or medical alert necklace, or even having a home medical alert system is not enough. Your most vital emergency medical information must be available in print …in the hands of paramedics quickly and available for emergency care providers during a medical emergency.

Learn more about how to easily create a 'snapshot' of your emergency medical information!

Your Vital Information

Medications? Current Conditions? Special Needs? Current EKG, CT or MRI Results? DNR, POLST, Advanced Directives?

We'll tell you what important information you should include with 911Snapshot and why it matters.

Free New eBook! Beyond Life Alert

Learn why many excellent emergency medical services and devices are not enough on their own ...why getting paramedics there quickly is just the beginning, and how 911Snapshot™ can beneift your chances of a better outcome during your medical crisis.

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How a complete emergency medical outline can reduce the stress of a 911 call

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