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"Jump. If you wait till everything is perfect, you'll never start."

That's a quote I read recently from an infographic featuring the thoughts of top entrepreneurs, and it stuck with me as I was putting the finishing touches on the new 911Snapshot™ website and tools. I had waited over a decade to relaunch ...waiting for all the right pieces to fall into place; time, resources, technology, and still I wondered, were we ready?

I had watched as new emergency medical information technologies came on the scene (most disappearing just as fast -- Smart Cards anyone?) and each time I realized that while they all looked pretty cool ...techie cool, they didn't fulfill what I knew to be the only real answer to helping a paramedic, or an emergency room physician determine a quick 'snapshot' of your current, vital medical history.

For that to happen fast ...still, the information has to be 'in your face'; in print or available on your mobile device without any apps or logins required.

The more I waited for the perfect time ...the more people I could have helped were left at risk. So we jumped.

#911Snapshot Founder and President Rosemary Roberts

Founder and President, Rosemary Roberts

As you'll learn (perhaps you've already read the history of 911Snapshot in the About Us section of the website, or the excerpt from my soon-to-be published ebook, Beyond Life Alert), 911Snapshot is very personal in its roots and our mission is to provide you and your family with the same security it provided mine on multiple occasions; my dad's partial heart attack & respiratory code; my aging mom's two falls leaving her with an arm broken in 3 places the first time, and an open leg fracture the second. I love our local Life Alert system and it brought first responders to my mom in a flash, but once there, it was her outline hanging on the fridge that told them all they needed to know when pain and trauma prevented her ease of recall.

There are so many ways to use 911Snapshot™; during a medical crisis; for new physician consults; or as a means to provide the everyday emergency medical information required by schools, day care, sporting teams and more.

We hope you'll help us build a strong community -- helping others with your insights, your experiences and your clever new ideas for using your outline -- and engage us here with your thoughts in the comments section. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook too!

Because every step forward in life is rooted in passion and purpose, I'd love to know ...have you ever just 'jumped'? What was your purpose; education, relationship, building a business?

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