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At 911Snapshot, we're committed to educating the public regarding the vital need for quality-based, up-to-date emergency medical information during a medical crisis, especially for the vulnerable; the aging, those under care for long-term chronic and acute illnesses, and children.

With nearly three decades of healthcare and emergency medical experience, including patient education and policy development, 911Snapshot draws from real life emergency medical protocols to deliver a product that is both pro-active and effective. 

About Rosemary

#911Snapshot Founder and President Rosemary Roberts

Founder and President

A freelance writer first published in 1993, Rosemary left her 24-yr healthcare career to write full-time for consumers. She was the writer for “California’s Emerging Healthcare Advocate: You!”, a consumer’s guide to choosing a healthcare plan — their rights and responsibilities, which is still available today, and consults with patient-centered advocacy organizations.  

A three-times published non-fiction book author, Rosemary also co-authored the soon-to-be-released autobiography, Healthcare Unhinged; The Making of an Advocate with Liz Helms, healthcare advocate extraordinaire.

Working along side her father since the age of seven, Rosemary learned the art of consumer choice and the value of quality service, managing seventy retail hosiery accounts within his distribution company after her father fell ill  …all by her junior year in high school.

With over twenty years experience in the medical field as a clinical manager, patient educator, clerical coordinator and creator of policy in the area of patient advocacy – including access programs for the non-English speaking patient and the non-insured, she lent her unique style and communication skills to her role as the founder, producer and host of The Patient’s Voice, one of the earliest Internet radio programs centered around today’s healthcare consumer.

In 2004, Rosemary and The Patient's Voice were recognized nationally by Project GHB with  "A Friend To Have" award for her investigative efforts to identify companies failing to respond to a voluntary effort to have a GHB/GBL product disguised as nail polish remover taken off store shelves, effectively ignoring the efforts and pleas of many, and the life-threatening dangers involved.  Ultimately, due to the public exposure made possible by The Patient's Voice and Project GHB, Walgreens, CVS, Brooks and others removed the product.

Her passion as a lecturer to high-risk teens, beginning in the early 80’s, and her dedication to the promotion of timely and effective emergency medical information for at-risk individuals and seniors, encompass a career of advocacy dedicated to the inspiration and education of consumers through collaborative efforts within both grassroots America and the corporate world.

With a passion for law, Rosemary has produced legal consumer print, digital, website and collateral content since 2005, utilizing her vast experience in outreach to aid firms specializing in Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect for which she holds tremendous passion.

The origins of 911Snapshot's emergency medical information outline reside in the successful design and application tools she created -- the same used to protect her father -- for residents of northern California. Read an excerpt of Rosemary's new book, Beyond Life Alert and download your free copy, here.

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