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Beyond Life Alert eBook Taking the Stress Out of a 911 Medical Call

For over a decade, the outline of Beyond Life Alert, the ebook, was swirling in my head. As a writer for health consumers, no other topic has been so important to me.

Why? Because each and every day thousands of 911 medical calls are placed in which the aging and those suffering from chronic or acute medical conditions suffer unnecessary stress and anxiety as they try to recall their most vital medical information.

When they struggle, emergency responders must rely upon broad protocols that may, or may not result in a patient’s best outcome due to a lack of complete and accurate medical information.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

For every adult child who worries about an aging parent

For every parent whose child suffers a chronic condition or illness …

For every senior who faces the challenges of independent living

…this ebook is for you.  You can read an excerpt here.

For a limited time, 911Snapshotâ„¢ is please to make Beyond Life Alert available as a free download.


Be well, be safe, and be your own best healthcare advocate!



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