Children With A Peanut Allergy Gain An Advocate Their Size

Knowing your audience and writing in a voice made for that audience is more than a talent; its an art form that not everyone can pull off, especially if your audience is children. For children with a peanut allergy, a popular book series that deals with common health issues provides a friend and an advocate […]

Assisted Living And the ‘Should’ve” Factor

We’re all guilty of it …the “Should’ve” factor; knowing ahead of time that we should’ve done this or that, and for a million reasons, we didn’t, only to pay a price for it later. Assisted living traditionally provides the means for someone to carry on their life as normal …independence in tact and in control […]

Paramedic Stress and Burnout?

As someone who spent 16 years in the emergency room and has friends who are/were paramedics …and almost married one years ago, I can honestly say that a recent article in The Austin Chronicle (5/8/15) is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever read. Paramedic stress and burnout is beyond what many imagine in […]

Double Mastectomy And Survival Rates In Breast Cancer

Double Mastectomy And Survival Rates In Breast Cancer; Fact & Fiction In a recent article published by ScienceDaily, surveys show that most women with breast cancer wrongly believe that a double mastectomy will increase their chances of survival. “Studies have shown that for women at average risk of a second cancer, removing the unaffected breast […]

Better Urgent Care For Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy

Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy Need More Than Emergency Room Care Hundreds of thousands of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and other treatments visit emergency rooms nationally every year as their only alternative for after-hours care. Fatigue and vomiting after chemo alone can lead to dehydration and cascade into more severe symptoms and complications. If left unchecked […]

Beyond Life Alert — FREE eBook Download

For over a decade, the outline of Beyond Life Alert, the ebook, was swirling in my head. As a writer for health consumers, no other topic has been so important to me. Why? Because each and every day thousands of 911 medical calls are placed in which the aging and those suffering from chronic or […]

Top Reasons People Don't Create An Emergency Medical Outline

Risk Unknown

Top Reasons People Don’t Create An Emergency Medical Information Outline Part of the problem is education. If health consumers, especially those at risk due to chronic medical conditions, aging, or acute injury understood the real benefits of having a complete emergency medical information outline, I think they’d choose differently. If health consumers understood how difficult […]