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Top Reasons People Don't Create An Emergency Medical Outline

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Top Reasons People Don’t Create An Emergency Medical Information Outline

Part of the problem is education.

If health consumers, especially those at risk due to chronic medical conditions, aging, or acute injury understood the real benefits of having a complete emergency medical information outline, I think they’d choose differently.

If health consumers understood how difficult a job the paramedic (or ER staff, for that matter) has determining — quickly — a patient’s current and past medical history …and how it may impact or explain what has caused the current crisis, I believe they’d do everything possible to make that information available.

If health consumers really understood that without a complete medical outline, appropriate care could be delayed, or at best, a guess …I believe they’d prepare for the possibility of a 911 call.

For the aging, especially, they draw upon days long past when an emergency room would call a patient’s primary care physician to come attend to their medical crisis. That simply isn’t the case today, and many of the reasonable assumptions, such as the expectation that you’ll be transferred to YXZ hospital (where your records are found) may not turn out to be the case either.

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