What Is 911Snapshot?

Creating Your Complete and Trusted Emergency Medical Outline Has Never Been Easier!

For every adult child who worries about their aging parent   ...For every parent who knows the stress of a child with special needs   ...For every senior who faces the challenge of living independently   ...For every patient who battles chronic pain, or a chronic medical condition   ...For every parent who must provide multiple emergency medical forms for their child's school, sports, or away-from-home activities   ...It's on your behalf that we're dedicated to giving our very best.  

Rosemary Roberts, Founder

What is 911Snapshot?

Based upon one of California's most proven, trusted and widely respected emergency medical information programs, 911Snapshot makes creating a complete, trusted personal medical history outline easy. You simply download our adult, juvenile, or new baby medical history outlines, enter your information from your PC/Mac, save (update as necessary) and print! It's that easy and only YOU have access to your saved forms and personal information. No personal or medical information is submitted, or maintained by 911Snapshot, so no worries about personal information security or data hacking.

In addition to the most complete outline available today, 911Snapshot members receive:

  • Learn about additional items everyone should make available with their outline;
  • Smart tips on where and how to use your outline, and best locations for ease of access, including mobile devices.

Legal Documentation --It's critical that you include any legal documentation regarding your healthcare wishes --  life-sustaining treatments you want available to you, or those you have declined -- within your 911Snapshot outline. Without access to physical copies of this documentation, paramedics and emergency physicians may NOT (by state law) honor your wishes. 911Snapshot clearly alerts paramedics and emergency staff that your legal documentation is available inside your outline. While every state has their own EMS/HHS policies regarding Advanced Directives (Power of Attorney), DNR, POLST and authorized DNR personal wear items, we offer an overview of what these items include and how to obtain the guidelines for your state on our resource page.

911Snapshot is also a community for health consumers to share their outline/emergency stories and help us educate others. Visit our Blog and share your comments with us!

The Patient's Voice Radio Show™, sponsored in part by 911Snapshot is returning soon with all new shows! Since 2003, The Patient's Voice has been the premier radio show for healthcare consumers, featuring some of the most noted health experts in their field across the country, authors and health advocates, and trusted partners, such as Prevention Magazine.

No High-Tech Bells, No Whistles, No Toll Free Numbers to Call, No Hosting on An Imaginary Cloud

Ask a firefighter/paramedic if they've ever called an 800 number, or visited a website to obtain vital medical information during a 911 call, and many will tell you never. More often than not, there simply isn't the time.

We have a saying, "If your information isn't easily seen and available, in print, in the hands of the paramedics moments after they arrive, it probably doesn't exist in their minds."  They have a job to do and depending on your condition, a limited amount of time to assess and transport you to the nearest emergency room. By providing an up-to-date and complete snapshot of your important medical history, you help paramedics do their job quickly and increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Your 911Snapshot emergency medical information tells them what they need to know instantly so they can provide you with the most appropriate care, and your outline travels with you to the hospital.  Even in the age of electronic medical records, your outline can often provide a quicker 'snapshot' of  your current medical information at-a-glance in the ER.

Most Critical Components

The critical components and functions of the 911Snapshot system make our program unique and trusted, including: Automatic Email Alerts to update your outline information ; Your Easy-Complete & Print Forms; Update as needed; Inclusion/Resource of Legal Healthcare Choice Documents (Advanced Directives, POA, DNR, POLST, etc); Location, Location, Location!

Your Legal Healthcare Choices

When you make decisions regarding your health care choices, such as Advanced Directives, POLST (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) and DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), such documents are legal instruments, and in some cases, actual physician orders. These documents must be available in print (copies) in order for your decisions to be honored and followed by emergency responders and emergency department staff.

All In The Family

Stop writing out emergency information for babysitters, schools, team sports, and other activities your kids are involved with that require you to complete an emergency medical card. Create a 911Snapshot outline for every member of your family and print copies as needed for outside care.

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